Our Turn: Supporting Survivors in the LGBTQIA Community

As Pride Month comes to a close, we wanted to put out one final message that stands this month and every month.

Domestic and sexual violence affect all populations, but it affects the LGBTQIA community at much higher rates. We believe everyone has the right to safety and respect in their relationships. Our services are for everyone, no matter how they identify or whom they are in a relationship with.

Love is love but…abuse is abuse. It is important to recognize the parallels between abuse in heterosexual relationships and abuse in LGBTQIA relationships. Those signs of abuse can include jealousy, controlling behaviors, use of force or violence, threats, mood swings and more.

One example is verbal abuse, attacking a survivor’s identity by claiming they are too “gay” or too “hetero”. Another example is an abuser may restrict a transgender survivor's access to gender affirming treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or chest binders, or repeatedly call them the wrong name/pronouns to misgender them.

LGBTQIA+ survivors of abuse may also face additional challenges. Fear of threats, bullying, discrimination, being outed and a lack of community support can stop someone from reaching out for help when they need it.

If you are feeling alone and unsure, call or text us. You will be heard. If you have questions, you will find safety and respect as you explore your options. From peer counseling to court advocacy and emergency housing, know that TPN is here for you.