Turning Points Network Never Sleeps

Our commitment to all who ever need our services is that we are here for you, day and night.

When our offices in Claremont and Newport close at 4:30 PM, our crisis and support lines are open and operated by trained volunteers who will provide you with services or help you find the resources you need, whether you are a survivor of sexual or domestic violence, need information for someone else or have any questions at all, 24/7, at 1.800.639.3130. And, your confidentiality is protected and respected. Always.

In the year ahead, Turning Points Network hopes to bring to its staff a Child Advocate, a professional trained and experienced in working with children to mitigate the impact of the trauma of witnessing domestic violence. Child advocates represent the best interests of children and are skilled at supporting non-offending parents who may be confused or afraid to report something questionable because they don’t understand or feel comfortable with the child protective and court systems.

We also hope to expand our presence in Sullivan County Schools with an additional part-time educator to reach greater numbers of pre-K-through-12 students with age-appropriate, interactive, violence-prevention messaging designed to turn the tide on violence, bullying, disrespect and unhealthy relationships.

Turning Points Network, in collaboration with its community partners, continues to offer Green Dot trainings to Claremont municipal systems, businesses, organizations, and groups of interested individuals.

Now in year three of its four-year program, Green Dot began by collecting and measuring Claremont- area violence data in year one and is providing trainings on how to reduce power-based violence in years two and three. In year four, a new measure of Claremont-area violence will be taken to assess the difference.

In Homer, Alaska, Green Dot’s four-year program reduced personal violence by 40%.

Green Dot trainings teach us about what constitutes violence and how the “bystander effect” works, including the three safe actions we can take if we witness violence in any setting. The trainings are fast-paced, interactive and focus on role-playing and small-group problem solving. Attendees come away with skills that are safe, sensible and can be broadly applied. The community is strengthened and victimizations can be seriously reduced.

Contact TPN with any questions you may have about Green Dot and its training, our services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and our violence-prevention programs for Sullivan County classrooms. We are here to help you determine the specific resources you need. If we don’t provide them, we’ll help you find them!

OUR TURN is a public service series made available by Turning Points Network in celebration of its 40th anniversary of providing violence-prevention education programs in our schools, services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and helping people move from the darkness of abuse toward the light of respect, healing and hope. For information contact 1.800.639.3130 or www.turningpointsnetwork.org or find us on Facebook.

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