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“TPN made a huge difference for me, and I want to
help them reach others, that’s why I walk.”
Past Participant

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First Giving Event Page

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Steppin' Up Sponsors

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Steppin' Up Sponsors

Information for Individuals
Individuals can participate in Steppin' Up in a number of ways. Download all the necessary forms in one zipped file to participate as an individual.

  • Sponsor yourself for any amount.
  • Ask friends and family to sponsor you by collecting pledges.
  • Fundraise with friends/family/co-workers through bake sales, car washes, bingo nights, etc.
  • Fundraise online through our FirstGiving page.
  • Raise awareness about the event through word of mouth and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Simply show up in support!
  • Participate in corporate matching programs in your company, in which contributions employee(s) raise are matched by their company as a charitable donation.
  • Individual runners are welcome and encouraged to participate in the 5K; there is no registration fee, and there will be prizes for top-finishing runners. Please note that roads are not closed for this event; all participants use sidewalks. Runners do start first. The event is not a “competitive” run, although there is a large display clock for runners to time themselves.
  • Volunteers are needed to staff the event! For more information Email.

If planning an event or activity to benefit your team (including raffles) please read our FUNDRAISING GUIDELINES.

“The level of care and concern for the runners and walkers is a great part of the event.”

Be a Virtual Walker!

Virtual Walker in Paris!

Here’s how you can step up with us in spirit if you are unable to attend the event:

  1. Sign up as an individual walker/runner or as a team on our Firstgiving Page or let your team leader know you will be fundraising as a virtual walker.

  2. Tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are Steppin’ Up to help TPN even though you can’t participate at the event. Ask for pledges and spread the word that you are helping!

  3. Pick a day to Step Up, walk any distance, or do a kind deed, and know that your action is in spirit with hundreds of others who are working to prevent violence, promote respect, and strengthen lives.

  4. Download Info for Virtual Participants!

How virtual walkers have participated in the past.

  • Stepped Up with their horses on a trail ride.
  • Did a good deed in their neighborhood, town or vacation spot in honor of Steppin’ Up.
  • Volunteered at the event.
  • Fundraised on behalf of another teammate.
Forms, materials, online fundraising and more detailed information can be found here.